LaDiff is a furniture store in Richmond, VA that stays true to their in-store experience. they have the largest selection of contemporary and modern furniture on the east coast.

the ask:

Determine the demographics of LaDiff's current customer base and improve their marketing efforts to better reach them.

the problem:

LaDiff's inconsistent branding has left consumers feeling disconnected from the store's true identity.


We conducted the following research:

Quantitative research – online survey and segmentation studies

Qualitative research – focus group and in-depth interview

Secondary research – market and consumer research


1. When shopping for furniture, the in-store experience matters to consumers.

2. Consumers do their research online before making a purchase.


Curate vignettes in-store that allow consumers to envision LaDiff's spaces and pieces in their own home. 

ladiff pinterest_JPG.webp

Add virtual reality and customer reviews to bridge the gap between the in-store and online experience, encouraging customer involvement with the brand.


Engage in more traditional advertising that fits their image as a modern and contemporary furniture store.

my roles:

Client liaison 

Focus group and in-depth interview leader

Created a consumer persona

Determined the brand positioning

Executed digital and online assets

meet the team:

Jonathan Castaneda

Amanda Yoon 

Joe Brooks 

Shelby Valeriano