Icarus Medical Innovations is a new start-up in Charlottesville, Virginia specializing in 3D printed knee braces. With such a technical product to market, they knew they needed simple and strategic messaging.

the ask:

How can Icarus Medical communicate and introduce a technical product in an appealing and accessible way?

target market:

My team and I wanted to target an audience that is often overlooked – military veterans. Veterans may suffer from a variety of disabilities, which can impact their health and the ability to secure employment and healthcare.

18 million

veterans were accounted for in the US Census in 2019.

1 in 3

veterans suffer from Arthritis.


cause of disability discharge from the US Army is osteoarthritis.


Icarus Medical is in the business of supporting movement.


This business has the potential to not only support physical movement through their 3D printed knee braces, but to also empower veterans to move forward and make progress in their daily lives.     

creative insight:

One of the definitions for the word "tactical" is the following:

Relating to or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific military end.

Veterans are tactical athletes. They use their body strategically to push boundaries, surpass milestones, and realize their unique purpose – while they are serving or no longer serving.

creative campaign:

How can Icarus Medical creatively use the concept of movement to empower veterans?

my roles:

Client liaison 

Leading team briefings

Conducting secondary and qualitative research

Completing a competitive analysis

meet the team:

Payal Pereira

Laura Gardner 

Camden Dechert

Meghan Callaghan

Sharon Byun

Dominik Hofakcer